Dorothy Draper

Dorothy Draper

So, Dorothy Draper is a big deal in the interior design world and happens to be my favorite designer of all time. She started her interior design business back in the mid-1920’s and was really the first interior designer to become a household name.

Imagine my delight when flipping through one of her amazing books and finding a picture of the Arlington Hotel. Yes, folks. She designed the Arlington Hotel here in beautiful Hot Springs, AR. Draper was known to have her hand in every aspect of the “look” of the hotels that she designed. She chose the linens and towels and even the bellhop uniforms! 

The “Draper Touch” is evident in design trends today. Check out the floral York wall covering that we carry here at the store. Although, Draper’s florals were not so “watercolor-y”, this is definitely an homage. Enjoy the pics!

ork Floral Wall Covering
York Floral Wall Covering – $48 per single roll

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